The Powerships could be deployed across various locations within South Africa. We are currently evaluating Richards Bay, Coega and Saldanha Bay as suitable options to align with the RMIPPPP.

Our LNG-to-Power energy solution offers a range of benefits:

Utilizing low-cost LNG, Powerships can produce most competitively priced electricity for SA. This committed price covers all capital costs of fuel and equipment, as well as all operation and maintenance costs – there are no hidden or surprise future costs.


Powerships utilize LNG, which is cleaner and more environmentally friendly than other fuel sources, resulting in a major-reduction in green-house gas emissions. LNG generates 25% less carbon dioxide than diesel, and a remarkable 45% to 55% less carbon dioxide than coal. As a responsible South African corporate citizen, Karpowership ensures that it’s solution complies with South African environmental and maritime standards, as well as being committed to global best practices.


Karpowership has a global fleet of fully constructed Powerships that can be deployed in a very short amount of time, once the necessary approvals are complete. Powerships would significantly reduce the frequency and duration of power outages and contribute to the electricity supply quantity and quality.


Powerships guarantee an annual delivery of power in excess of 98%. All key spare parts that may be required to keep the generation running are stored onboard, essentially eliminating the risk of down-time caused by sourcing and importation of necessary parts during the lifespan of a project. They therefore offer a baseload or mid-merit source of power that adds flexibility and a stable foundation to introduce more renewable energy sources into the grid towards a meaningfully sustainable power supply.


Karpowership is committed to partnering to the maximum with South Africa in terms of local labor, local content and local products along with extensive training and knowledge transfer programs to ensure compliance with all SA requirements.

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It is clear that our Powerships can contribute to a clean, sustainable energy future for the people of South Africa.

We continue to work diligently and in a transparent manner to ensure our offering to the Risk mitigation IPP procurement Programme being lead by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy is compliant, affordable demonstrating value for money with its speed and agility.